Saturday, January 7, 2017

Ankyloglossia - 5 weeks

Dear Readers,

It has come to my attention that those of you who are reading from mobile devices will be subjected to a thumbnail of the photos that I post, like it or not. My apologies for the weak of stomach, who would prefer not to see my healing process.

Again, I am posting these photos for two reasons: for those interested in my recovery from professional and personal investment in me, and those other singers who - like myself - did not have any resources. I am happy to answer questions, or address comments of those curious.

I still stretch my tongue regularly throughout the day. I have been singing some, but no solo performances yet. Unfortunately, as the pain subsided I contracted the flu/some bad congestion. I am getting over the illness but it has, sadly, extended the period of vocal rest. Once this gunk is off my chords I will be ready to go. Which could't come too quickly, because I need to get Little Women and Fanciulla in my throat ASAP!

For those of you still interested, below are photos of my healing/recovery.

Photos from the follow-up visit and debridement:

Photos from 5 weeks (1/3/17) following the frenoctomy (frenotomy):

Thank you for checking in,
as ever
all my best

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