Monday, July 31, 2017

Breaking the Silence from a Stately Paradise

Greetings Readers,

I am writing to you from the capacious, elegant, and welcoming home of Constance and Bill Bloomfield - in Phoenicia, New York (1100 ft high in the Catskill Mountains).

Today is my 3rd day at the Phoenicia Festival of the Voice, singing D'Artagnan in Mitchel Bach's Les Trois Mousquetaires, libretto by Maria Todaro-Otey (based on the Dumas Pere Novel). We are work-shopping Mitch and Maria's masterwork this week for a "premiere" on Saturday.

Un pour tous, et tous pour un! 

Though I have been, many times, to the Catskill Mountains, this week-long Festival will be my first time to the quaint, hidden gem that is Phoenicia. Take a look down Main Street or ride along the Esopus Creek, don't blink! You might miss it.

In time I will happily give you more details about this rich and wonderful experience, but suffice it to say for now: We've got a killer cast and we are treated like royalty:

D ’Artagnan:
Joseph Michael Brent :)

John Viscardi

Jason Slayden

Kyle Albertson

Cardinal Richelieu:
Louis Otey

The King:
Oswaldo Iraheta

Duke of Buckingham:
Robert Balonek

Sarah Heltzel

Constance Bonacieux:
Megan Weston

The Queen:
Joan-Marie Peitscher

Buovons Ensemble!

Thanks for Reading,
More to come shortly


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