Friday, May 20, 2016

Magic Flute

Dear Readers,

I have been so very delinquent in updating this blog, my apologies. There is no excuse for not keeping you in the loop. Now, after 19 long days I am back!

We have our final two performances of Magic Flute tomorrow night and Sunday afternoon. With that show my time in Detroit is practically at its end. We have another 7 days of MOT Studio work, but as for the company - our opera season is over. It's not time for summer opera! The Detroit Free press was quite brutal in its review of the production, but I've been very happy with my performances. I've also been given fantastic feedback about my acting and singing - which is always nice.

I am pleased to announce that I will be participating in the American Institute of Music Studies (AIMS) in Graz, Austria this summer. I am happy to accept the Shelly Manvel Pocket Angel Scholarship.

 It's late now, here in the D. We had three long days in a row, though I am not complaining. I like to be busy! Wednesday we had a brush-up rehearsal, an audition, and our second Magic Flute performance. Thursday a 6 hour master class with Dean Anthony. Today we had a 5 hour master class with Dean Anthony, followed by a master class with Maestro James Meena. Tomorrow is the 3rd flute performance, but we have the morning to ourselves.

Thanks for tuning in.
Hopefully more interesting and detailed info to come.
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Sunday, May 1, 2016

As the wheel spins

Dear Readers,

Our run of Macbeth was a success! It felt great to, after months od working for the Michigan Opera Theatre, actually sing a legitimate - albeit comprimario - role on stage at the Detroit Opera House.

Yes, I did sing 3rd SS Officer in Weinberg's The Passanger in November. Malcolm, the comprimario role that I sang in Macbeth, is a much more significant and fulfilling role than 3rd SS Officer. Malcolm also lacks the psychological, emotional, and existential hurdles present in every aspect of a piece like The Passanger.

Macbeth closed last Sunday and Magic Flute, which we are performing in English, startes rehearsals Monday. Only now, a full week later, do I feel like I have recovered. Most people don't explain the necessary emotional detatchment that comes with the end of a production. Having virtually no break between the two disperate operas - operas disperate in style, theme, and characterisation - has left me feeling uneasy.

Furthermore,  I am covering the role of Tamino while singing 2nd priest and 1st armoured man. As I am sure you assumed it means I spend all of my time in the rehearsal hall either on stage or sitting and observing... absorbing.

More soon...

Thank you for reading