Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Good Tuesday Morning... and in case I don't see you

Dear Readers,

For those of you in the North, I hope that you are staying warm and dry. For those of you else where, best wishes as 2015 moves ahead.

If there is no other benefit to being under house arrest by government mandate in the midst of a snow storm, there is at least the opportunity of uninterrupted practice. I was able to focus on some much neglected repertoire.

I am happy to announce that I will be singing Edgardo of Ranvenswood with NYOpera Exchange (HOORAY!) at the end of February,

I have some truly beautiful and rich music on my plate right now and I am excited by these projects.

I am still trying to find a strong footing back home, and it continues to be an exciting time. Fall of 2014 was filled with great opportunities and things keep popping up.

Thanks for reading,
as ever

Friday, January 16, 2015

Albert Herring with the Bronx Opera

Dear Readers,

I announce with mixed emotion that the final opportunity to see the Bronx Opera's 2015 production will be this weekend (January 17/18 @ the Kaye Playhouse in Hunter College). We opened last weekend after 3 months of musical/staging rehearsals. I am eager to sing this weekend and give a final "Ta" to Mayor Upfold and Albert: Britten's Albert Herring has been quite a labor, with some fantastic rewards. We touched a lot of lives visiting public schools in the Bronx.

Please, if you're a fan of opera or a fan of Britten (or both?) come out to see this production. In it's 48th season Michael Spierman's Bronx opera is presenting some great singers in Rod Gomez's staging. On Saturday the 17th see Leslie Swanson, Julie De Vaere, Chad Kranak, Helena Brown. Stan Lacy, Amy Maude Helfer, Andrew Oakden, Danielle Buonaiuto, C. David Morrow, Eric Ackerman, Hannah Fuerst and Kristina Gaschel

If you can't make it on the 17th, please check out the great cast on Sunday the 18th: Terina Westmeyer, Caroline Tye, Erik Bagger, Heather Roberts, Steven Eddy, Yiselle Blum, Christopher Grundy, Halley Gilbert, Gilad Paz, Steven Fredericks, Noah Cadime-Gonzalez, Rachel Policar and Nina Riley.

In other news we've started rehearsals for LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR. I'll be singing Edgardo in NYOE's Spring 2015 production in New York. 

Updates to come!


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Albert... what's his name?

Dear readers,

Below are some photos from the Bronx Opera's production of Albert Herring.

I am covering the role of Albert, and sang Albert yesterday morning. Last night I sang our final dress rehearsal of Albert Herring as the Mayor!

Come see us at Lehman College tonight, tomorrow and next weekend at the Kaye Playhouse (theatre) in Hunter College.

Danielle Buonaiuto [Wordsworth]; Leslie Swanson [Billows]; ME [Mayor]; Stan Lacy [Sid]; David Morrow [Budd]; Helena Brown [Mum]; Amy Maude Helfer [Nancy]

Stan Lacy [Sid]; ME [Mayor]; David Morrow [Budd]; Amy Maude Helfer [Nancy]

Act I
David Morrow [Budd];  ME [Mayor]; Julie De Vaere [Florence]; Leslie Swanson [Billows]; Andy Oakden [Vicar]; Danielle Buonaiuto [Wordsworth]

Act I Scene II
Me (Albert); Heather Roberts (Mum)

Act I Scene II
Me (Albert); Steve Fredericks (Budd); Gild Paz (Mayor); Caroline Tye (Pike); Danielle Buonaiuto (Wordsworth); Andy Oakden (Vicar); Heather Ronerts (Mum); Leslie Swanson (Billows)

Me (Albert); Steve Fredericks (Budd); Gild Paz (Mayor); Caroline Tye (Pike); Danielle Buonaiuto (Wordsworth); Andy Oakden (Vicar); Heather Ronerts (Mum); Leslie Swanson (Billows)

Curtain Call
Me (Albert)

Curtain Call

Act II
Andy Oakden (Vicar); Me (Albert); Leslie Swanson (Billows); Caroline Tye (Pike); Gild Paz (Mayor);  Danielle Buonaiuto (Wordsworth); Heather Roberts (Mum); Steve Fredericks (Budd); kids

Banquet Scene
Jazmin DeRice (Nancy); Stan Lacy (Sid); Me (Albert); Andy Oakden (Vicar); Leslie Swanson (Billows); Caroline Tye (Pike); Gild Paz (Mayor); Danielle Buonaiuto (Wordsworth); Heather Roberts (Mum); Steve Fredericks (Budd); kids

Joseph Michael Brent as Albert, Act II scene II

Joseph Michael Brent as Albert Herring and Caroline Tye as Florence Pike

Banquet Scene Joseph Michael Brent as MAYOR Upfold.

Hope you and enjoyed!!

Thanks for reading