Monday, February 24, 2014

Another day in San Francisco

Dear Readers,

I hope that you have had an opportunity to check out the L'elixir d'amore link from last week's UGA Opera Theater production.

Also, if you're interested the Martina Arroyo Prelude to Performance program just posted the videos from Les Contes D'Hoffmann from summer 2013 in which I played E.T.A. Hoffmann.

I wanted to post a congratulations to the fabulous Latvian mezzo-soprano Zanda Svede and the rising bass Richard Block. I took a took a trip out to San Francisco to see Richard and Zanda's performances. Zanda was the featured mezzo in the first the Addler Fellowship Schwabacher Recital for 2014. Richard sang Raimondo [Bide the Bent] in Lucia.

I am so proud of these two singers and their fantastic success. Look out for their names in lights and all over the internet! The next generation of singers is on its way.

I also had the opportunity while out here in San Fran to sing for Sheri Greenwald, director of the San Francisco Opera Center, which was a great pleasure.

And I reconnected with some old friends in the bay area and saw some fabulous concerts.

Cheers to great music, to great opera and a prospering baroque scene!

Hope to see you soon San Fran!
Stay classy

Thanks for reading,

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Si! Tutto mio

Dear Readers,

It is with pleasure that I offer to you a link to last night's UGA Opera Theater opening night performance of L'elisir d'amore.

It was broadcast live and is now available on youtube.
I have preset the link to start at 1:53 because, for some reason the camera crew began recording 2 hrs before the show began.
Please let me know if the link works/you have a chance to watch the show.
Since you are dedicated blog readers I would like to share some insider info!

Our opening night was something very special: The southeastern United States had basically been on shut down for the three days prior to opening - we didn't have our final dress rehearsal, as of Monday we did not have all of our props or the complete set. We last sang with the orchestra Monday evening.

The energy from opening night and new props kept us on our toes and contributed to a fine performance all around.

Bravi a tutti to the cast, production crew, orchestra and directors for a job well done on the Elixir of Love.

If you're in Athens, check us out tonight at 8 and tomorrow at 3.

Thank you for reading,

Monday, February 10, 2014

Caro elisir, sei mio!

Dear Readers,

As the South-Eastern United States braces itself for yet another mid-week winter storm and the North continues to get blasted with arctic conditions that have become common place in 2014, the UGA Opera Theater is putting up Donizetti's L'elisir d'amore!!!

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday I will be singing Nemorino.

We are in production week which means, for those of you unfamiliar with opera/theater, we are on stage in costumes running the show Monday-Thursday. We have, in fact, been rehearsing the show on stage for over a week now. We had our "sitzprobe" this past Sunday - a sitzprobe is a musical run of the work without staging. Our final dress rehearsal might be cancelled due to weather conditions - frankly, our opening night might be cancelled for the same reason.

Keep your fingers crossed, and hope that this "storm" wont be too bad.

I would also like to endorse the show: The show is going to be fabulous! It is going to be streamed live, I believe through WUGATV - more on that as information becomes available. There is love, drama, quite a bit of slapstick, drunken debauchery, death, dancing, books, deception and loads of singing! What more could you ask for in an opera?

In other news, a good friend of mine: NYC-based guitarist/song-writer Danny Iuliano shared a video with me:

It a video worth watching if you're anything like me. It is worth watching if you're nothing like me but feel some self doubt or tend to run from challenges.

Best to you all,
thanks for reading