Friday, June 19, 2015

Quisisana, Lovell Maine - Update 2

Dear Readers,

Tonight at 9pm in the Music Hall at Quisisana [Lovell, Maine] we will be presenting a preview of Madame Butterfly. It is the first of two "previews," it is also our first Dress Rehearsal... we could could call it an "open dress."

The other cast members, who are doing a fantastic, include:
Cho-cho San: Shannon Kessler Dooley
Pinkerton: Joseph Brent
Suzuki: Caitlin McKechney
Sharpless: John Dooley
Goro: Daniel Lopez-Matthews
Yamadori/Consulate: Joshua Powell
Bonze: Abe Hardy
Kate Pinkerton: Samantha Leibowitz

It will be a fantastic production, brought to you by:
Director Ellen Schlaefer
Music Director Mory Ortman
Asst Director Daniel Gainey
Costume design Melanie Clark
Scenic design Justin West

Pictures, and details to follow!!!

In other news, I will be working on the beach for most of the summer - yes, I know... a real tragedy.

Thanks for your comments!
More soon

Thanks for reading

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Quisisana, Lovell Maine

Dear Readers,

I am writing to you all from Maine, after my first day in rehearsal for Madame Butterfly. I will be singing my first Pinkerton here at Quisisana on lake Kezar.

This was a some-what late decision for my summer plans, but turns out to be a great opportunity for which I have Sarah Beckam-Turner and Marshal Taylor to thank!

It is going to be a great show. I arrived about 6 days after the rest of the cast because I was finishing up singing in New York. Previews start on the 18th!!!

I will fly back on the 19th to work with the Bronx opera, then back to Quisisana until the 28th, and then back again till the 5th. From the 6th on I am in Maine singing Butterfly every Wednesday night till August 31st.

I suppose you can say that this will be my first... and first through eighth Butterflys ;-)

I will post more, internet and phone service is in slim pickings 'round these parts - but I'll make a commitment to you if you keep one to me: I will write regularly about behind the scenes and my experience here at the musical theater resort - IF I can get at least one comment a week from a reader. I'll be even more diligent about my posts if I could get at least one comment a week from a diversity of readers.

This will be my 3rd Puccini role. I have sung two productions of Boheme and a piano accompanied production of Rondine. Eager to add Pinkerton to my brain, throat, and memory.

Best to you!
Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Before I head out the door

Dear Readers,

Happy June 2nd! I wanted to drop you all a line:

I am headed out for a coaching, and noticed that I hadn't offered any updates to my schedule here.

Suffice it to say that things have been busy! After stepping in last minute to bolster the Collegiate Chorale's forces on their premiere recording of Kurt Weill's Road of Promise, I continued the push toward summer music making.

This past weekend I sang with Yiselle Blum, Robert Osborne and Darynn Zimmer at a benefit concert for the victims in Nepal. The group was lead by conductor Joseph Jones. Mozart Requiem for Nepal.

This was my first (and second) Mozart Requiem, which was a blast to learn and even more fun to sing. It rounds out a season of concerting, if you remember I sang Gounod, Saint-Saens, Handel, Beethoven, and now Mozart works for soloist and choir in the last 7 months.

Other great news to share is that I will be singing Pinkerton this summer in Maine. It will be my first Butterfly... well my first 8 eight Butterflies I should say!

More updates to come, keep those cards and letters coming ;-)

I am off,
Best to you all!